The Australian Government is committed to working with governments, business and the community to position our cities, regional and metropolitan, to reach their full potential.

The Smart Cities Plan will position our cities to succeed in the 21st Century economy. It is a plan for supporting productive, accessible, liveable cities that attract talent, encourage innovation and create jobs and growth.

The Smart Cities Plan represents a new framework for cities policy at the federal level - and it is a framework that will guide action across various portfolios, to deliver better outcomes for our cities, the people who live in them and all Australians.

Our cities - the CBDs, the suburbs and our regional centres - are where most of us live and work.

As our economy continues to transition and our knowledge-based industries grow, so too do our cities.

To respond to this growth, and take advantage of tomorrow’s economic opportunities, we need to rethink the way our cities are planned, built and managed today.

Our economic transition and growth is important, but it can present challenges. It is placing pressure on housing affordability, access to local jobs and our natural environment, as well as increasing congestion and traffic.

The Smart Cities Plan sets out the Australian Government’s vision for our cities, and our plan for maximising their potential.

It includes three pillars: Smart Investment, Smart Policy and Smart Technology.

To deliver the Smart Cities Plan, the Australian Government will invite state and territory governments to partner on City Deals.

City Deals will provide common objectives across levels of government, support for key industry and employment centres, infrastructure investment linked to broader reform and changes to planning and governance arrangements to deliver enduring benefits.

City Deals and the Smart Cities Plan are not just for our capital cities, or just for our CBDs. It is for cities of all sizes and for all parts of cities. Across Australia, cities are facing different opportunities and challenges.

All Australians are encouraged to share their ideas and to help shape our cities of the future.

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