Co-Learning for smart communities

Labs are the home of testing and discovery and so it proved at the Future Ready Co-Learning Lab in Adelaide on 29 May.

There is something special about 70-odd participants from diverse organisations (local governments, industry, utilities, universities and international groups) coming together to learn, collaborate and co-create smart city ideas and projects.

Experts in digital engagement, data analytics, urban design and planning, smart city transformations, innovation and entrepreneurship helped participants identify local challenges and explore solutions.

Participants heard there is a genuine need for sharing and collaboration that breaks down silos and cuts across traditional boundaries.

The day reinforced the idea that cities are complex and finding solutions to challenges can be difficult, but the opportunities are many and the rewards potentially enormous.

Gail Fairlamb (SA Government) highlighted the value proposition in engaging citizens in digital design, Neil Temperley (Data61) noted smart cities were built on collaboration, not going it alone, while Dr Ben Guy (Urban Circus) provided tools for understanding complexity in our urban areas.

Simon Kaplan (Urban Institute) identified barriers, enablers and the need for a robust data platform, Frans-Anton Vermast (Vermast Smart City Support) listed the ingredients for a future vision and Tina Ferguson and Ania Karzek  (Adelaide Smart City Studio) reminded us it all comes back to people and that if we want to go far, go together.

The Lab was expertly facilitated by Brook Dixon (ASCA) and Bill Bannear (ThinkPlace), ably supported by our Future Ready team.

The day’s proceedings were recorded by a graphic scribe to create a handy visual map of key themes, ideas and learnings (see below).

Please feel free to print the graphic recording so you too can share in the benefits of the day.

We also encourage you to make use of the tools and templates used to run Lab sessions. All Lab documents can be downloaded here.

A big thanks to all participants and presenters for making the Lab a great success. We wish you all the best in your smart city endeavours.

The Lab in pictures

1. Introduction and Value Proposition